Hi, we did a fun dinosaur craft today!

Here’s our process, I did pre-cut the shapes to make the dinosaur, then just because we have girls, we had to glam it up!

Dino Dig: I made these ‘fossils’ out of Plaster Of Paris. Its only $2.50 for a HUGE bag from Wal-mart. I put wet sand in a plastic dish and smoothed it out. Then used one of our little plastic dinosaurs to push an impression into the sand. After all the ‘molds’ were ready, I made up the plaster of paris and poured it into the sand carefully. Let it set until hard then dusted off our ‘fossils’. Then I hid them in our sandbox and let the kids do a ‘Dino Dig’!

Here we are digging!

After we were done re-hiding and re-finding the dinos for the umpteenth time, we brought them in and matched them to our plastic dino’s to identify their type! Super fun!

Super fun Dino Day! Click here for all our Letter D activities!


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