I’m going to try to post a “What’s in the box” for each grade once a week, just so I don’t get consumed with Prek stuff! LOL!

Here’s the line up for my kindergartner today:

Math U See:

Blend Cards and letter flashcards for a quick review. You can download my blend cards here!

Handwriting practice:

Reading box with snack. I also threw in a couple Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers
in as well, so he can read to me after I read to him, just did it after I took the pic!

60’s family flashcards, the cool thing about these cards is that they have hundreds (160 – 169) on back, so we play a game and I flash the fronts or backs for him to guess.

Color Cube Activity Cards: These activities are great for spatial relations, patterns, logical reasoning, geometric concepts, & computation skills.

Art: Draw Write Now, Book 7 practice, these are cool step by step drawing books, they have a whole series.

Do.a.Dot! Creative Activity Book and Do-a-Dot Art Brilliant Markers

$1 wooden coloring crafts from Michael’s

That’s it for boxes for today! I’ll post Kindergarten Fun ideas tomorrow!

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