–>> Get the  Cursive Daily Learning Notebook here! <<–

The Daily Learning Notebook is a fun way to review basic math & calendar skills each day! This one is the same as my Elementary Daily Learning Notebook, however the pages are all in cursive for students who need to practice reading and writing cursive.

NOTE:The photos below show pages in manuscript, however your pages will be in Cursive.


The Daily Learning Notebook is a fun way to review basic math & calendar skills each day!


The first page talks about today’s date, days of the week, and numbers:

  • What day is it?
  • What was yesterday?
  • What will it be tomorrow be?
  • Write the date
  • Color in the day number
  • Is today’s number ODD or EVEN?
  • Write today’s number
  • Write the number that comes before and after today’s number

The next page covers money and time:

  • What time is it?
  • What time was it 1 hour ago?
  • What time will it be in 2 hours?
  • Make the date in coins.



Tally Marks: We also keep track of our days in school using tally marks, at the end of the month we’ll count up all of our school days then write the number in the circle at the bottom of that month’s box.



Place Value & Temperature: Practice place value using today’s date, as well as telling the temperature.



Name Writing Practice: This download includes blank writing lines so that your students can practice writing their names. There is only one per month, but if you want them to have more practice you can print extra pages.


100 days count down: We’re also keeping track of our days in school up to 100. If you can’t read the numbers below, don’t worry! Strawberry Shortcake has taken to writing fancy little stick people on all of her numbers…



Monthly Calendar and weather tracking: We are also tracking our calendar days in school, they’ll write the month on the top of each calendar, then write the day’s number each day. At the bottom of the page is a place to track weather for each month. At the end we’ll discuss which type of weather we had most, least, etc. (The download has months in year order: JANUARY – DECEMBER)



–>> Get the  Cursive Daily Learning Notebook here! <<–

Ready for more of a challenge? Check out my other Daily Learning Notebook versions below!

MAC USERS: You will need to Install Adobe Reader, then set it as your default program to open PDF files. This will resolve any weird viewing issues you may have with PDF files. Safari tries to open the file in preview instead of full view which causes issues viewing and printing files. Hope that helps!


  1. Erica, Thanks so much for the free printables. I used to teach preschool and I think these daily notebooks are a fantastic resource. You’ve done an excellent job on them.

    For what it’s worth, I just wanted to pass along this suggestion to your followers for the usage of the notebook. When first introducing the letters, numbers, and shapes, to a preschool-kinder aged child, be sure to introduce them in the black and white version FIRST. After the child seems to be able to recognize the letter, number, or shape only then add in color. So, anyone printing these off thinking they want to introduce the concept to the child, I encourage them to print them off onto white paper, work with those first, then later, they can be printed onto a color. The user can then print ALL the shapes onto ONE introductory color, then after the child knows his/her shapes in that one color, print them off onto a second color. Introduce the shapes onto one color at a time. Eventually, the collection of shapes printed off in various colors can be cut out, laminated and used as a review/ interactive activity.

    I’m so happy to see you’ve left all the letters, numbers, and shapes in the black and white version for this reason. I hope this suggestions helps. Again, thanks so much for putting the time and effort into creating these resources and then offering them for free. It helps a bunch. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the concept of the Daily Learning Notebook! Integrating cursive writing into basic math and calendar skills is a brilliant way to make learning both engaging and practical. The attention to detail in covering elements like today’s date, days of the week, and numbers not only ensures a comprehensive review but also encourages consistent practice.

    The inclusion of questions like ‘Is today’s number ODD or EVEN?’ adds an interactive and thought-provoking dimension, making the learning experience more dynamic for students. It’s impressive how the notebook prompts students to not just recognize but actively engage with the information.

    The transition from manuscript to cursive is a thoughtful touch, catering to different learning needs. I appreciate the clarity in mentioning that the photos show manuscript pages but the actual pages will be in cursive, providing transparency to users.

    Overall, this Daily Learning Notebook seems like an excellent tool to foster a daily habit of reinforcing foundational skills while making the process enjoyable for students. Kudos to the creator for combining education and fun in such a seamless manner!

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