Someone on the Yahoo Workboxes group shared these cool wall hanging space organizers!

I’ve had lots of questions as to where I got my boxes (mine are from JoAnns) and lots of people saying they don’t have a lot of space. I took a look at these and have to say that they look like a great alternative to regular workboxes and they’re only $8.49 at Amazon! Check em out here! Space Place Classroom Organizer.

You’d need a seperate location for large items that wouldn’t fit in these pockets, but you could easily make cards for the pockets, then have the item ready for kids to grab next to their desk.

For more info on my workboxes click here to see how ours are set up!


  1. I found another amazing idea of using a plastic file folder box (plastic one with a lid that had a handle on it). This would work wonderful to travel also. She used each folder as a different number and attached the chart to show what is done on the front of the box.

  2. This is exactly what we are doing. I have a folder in each pocket with that “box’s” work. If any other materials are needed, I have little laminated cards that I stick in there that say “crayons” or “scissors” or “math blocks” etc. then we have a yaffa block tower on the opposite side of her table that holds all of these things. The cards are nice because I don’t have to either choose between having only one box that uses a certain supply or having duplicates of that item. I like using the folders, because I can keep her focused by putting in only whatever sheets she needs for that particular lesson. If I give her a workbook, she just keeps going until she gets to something she can’t figure out herself. This system keeps her on task and keeps my sanity!

  3. I love the work box idea! I home school my children (12 and almost 10) and am the home school teacher for my friends 2 children (14 and 16) My children do work at several different locations in a day, so the hanging folder seems great. It is a challenge stay organized with the travel, but these hanging type things seem great. I also might try (oh, I can’t think of the name of it… grr!) But it is like a file box, with a handle and several upright spaces for stuff. 🙂

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. 31 totes make a great “on the go” or outside work box system. We like to do school outside when it’s nice; we store our folders and supplies in the totes. The folders fit perfect and there are pockets on the sides and front for supplies.


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