Prek photos from today, a letter E, e matching game.

Another Ee matching game, this was originally in my kindergartner’s box, but he thought it was lame, so I gave it to my tot! She loved it. Both E games downloaded from here.

Up for tomorrow, we have decorating the letter E with fun jewewls. Who doesn’t like to Bedazzle!

Elmo, Ernie and Big Bird Letter Matching, I did Elmo and Ernie for the E’s, just threw in Big Bird because I wanted her to do 3 of them and I ran out of letter E’s! LOL! I’ll plan better next time!

A Dot A Dot with sEahorse…I know its a stretch but seriously, what sea animal starts with E besides an eel, and she didn’t like that one, so we agreed on sEa horse! LOL!

The famous pom-pom sorting game, I’ll have her put them in the shape of an E in her trays.

Our handy alphabet puzzle, just a favorite.

Another fun puzzle, but I just realized posting my blog I have 2 puzzles in a row so I’ll probably switch the boxes around, see this is why I blog!

Reading Time, and I’ll put a snack in this box as well.

Painting Time! No paints in the box, they will be waiting setup in the kitchen for this one! LOL!

And finish off with an elephant craft, making an elephant out of shapes, she’ll glue this together, her scissor skills aren’t that great yet, so I cut them out, but put it together for you to see the finished product. Got the print out from here.

And if I have time, I’ll make deviled Eggs for snack or dinner! LOL! Seriously people, E food is hard to find…


  1. You are really doing a great job! Do you think you can keep it up all year? I was thinking about the second grader "fun" boxes. I have gotten quite a few Discovery Toys games cheap from ebay. "Money! Money!" and "Timing it Right" would be age appropriate. I also thought of geoboards if you don't have them already.

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