Our memory verse this week is John 6:35….Jesus as the bread of life. Since we made butter yesterday, I thought maybe we could make bread today. Now, I think it’s important to note that I’m not the breadmaker in the family, my husband is, and since I only have 1 more loaf of his lovely homemade bread in the freezer, I thought this would be a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone! And you all know how I feel about that!

We try to be healthy where we can, so for bread type products we mill our own wheat, and make our own bread, tortillas, pancakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls and whatever else we can think of for our freshly milled wheat! So here goes…a lesson on bread:

1. Mill your wheat, we use a vitalmill and hard white wheat. Click here for the actual bread recipe

2. Turn it on, cover your ears:

3. Put in some of your newly milled flour, some yeast and, um, some other stuff and let it ‘sponge’: (I really should have my husband write this)

4. Taste the raw honey…mmmm good!

5. Add in some more stuff:

6. Let your Bosch do the hard work:

7. Roll some into loaves, and some into a flat square, sprinkle cinnamon, sugar, butter (homemade butter!) and roll into a log and cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces and bake:

8. Voila! Yummy bread! What’s that you say? There’s a chunk missing from the cinnamon roll pan? Huh…weird?

Okay, so I realize the steps are a tad, um…vague, so you can click here for the actual recipe we use! If you like bread here’s another cool site that we’re going to try some recipes from: Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day


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