More prek letter u work:

1. lacing U’s:

2. Magnetic letter builders, click here to read more about these.

3. Cutting practice
4. Okay, so this box was supposed to be for my kindergartner to practice writing letters, however the idea took off and my kindergartner snagged it before she had a chance to see it. So, note to self: make 3 bags.

I filled a gallon zip-lock bag with tempura paint, not too much, and sealed it WELL. Then they can practice writing letters or shapes or whatever in the paint with their finger, no mess!

5. Rain Drop Color Matching, downloaded from Erin’s Blog.

6. Magnetic Pom-Pom Umbrella page, downloaded from Making Learning Fun, they have ton’s of printables!

7. Geoboard, let’s make the letter U!

8. Bead lacing, follow the picture!

9. Shape matching puzzles, can’t remember where I got these, but they’d be easy enough to make!

10. The 3 letter word puzzles that were too easy for my Kindergartner!

11. A lowercase u coloring page and cutting practice:

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