Our boxes today were as follows:

Pre-workbox work: A maze, she decided to add to her own box today LOL! And did a maze from her brother’s stash.

1. MUS Lesson 6
2. Spelling
3. Dictation
Primary English Lessons, dictation…I did this though not sure how effective it was, she didn’t know how to spell several of the words in the poem, so I had to tell her how, wish these poems were a bit easier on the phonics.

4. Phonics and Language Worksheet

5. I really have to thank Erin for her Word/Build/Write worksheet download, my daughter loves practicing her spelling words this way!

6. Typing: while, I was skeptical about the typing thing with a 6 year old, so I’ve just been putting the card in her boxes randomly for fun, she likes it. I explained to her how to do it, look at the keyboard on the left of the screen to find a letter if she doesn’t know where it is, and look at the sample on the right and copy it trying not to look at her fingers. Today I sat with her to see how she did, and I was very impressed, her hands are small so she has to take her right hand off the keyboard to press the ‘enter’ button but otherwise, she actually typed the entire first page without looking at her fingers!

7. Reading/Snack
8. Verse Puzzle, I got the idea from Ginger’s Blog, love her ideas! I printed her memory verse on cardstock in large font, and cut it into pieces. The verse is on the white board and she had to put it in the correct order. We’ll do the ribbon and hang it thing later this week once she gets the verse down. Thanks Ginger, this was a big hit!

9. Art: She took to our mosaic craft and did another one today.

10. Spanish, I put the cd in her box, then she knows to come to the computer and run it. I usually have to help her set it up, but she’s doing quite well. I sat with her today as well to see how well her comprehension was. (We use Rosetta Stone)


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