We are doing the letter M and H this week, here are our boxes and some pics of us in action:

Fun stuff: In honor of the letter M, my kindergartner picked out our fun food “Mushroom Pizza” and Madagascar Movie Night! He’s clever I tell ya.

Boxes this week include:
1. MUS video and worksheet.
2. Our new I Spy game for the letter H, you can download an ‘I Spy’ card here.

3. Our blend ladders, we add a consonant to the end to make 3 letter words, he sounds them out then reads the word. You can download a copy of the blend ladders here.

4. Handwriting practice:

5. Introduce number 13, also counting 1-100 using pointer. This is his favorite, he’s only supposed to be able to go to 20 right now, but he just kept on going, and who was I to stop him!

5. His favorite box, reading and a snack.
6. Mailman Maze:

7. Wipeoff Alphabet Book letter H
8. Shape recognition test
9. 3 letter CVC vowel matching cards, downloaded from Honey’s blog. Thanks Honey! She has 5 different volumes of these cards, you’ll be seeing some of the upper/lower case matching cards in my prek boxes soon!

10. Boggle Jr, I picked cards that have the beginning consonants that he’s learned thus far.

I think I mentioned this before, but it is my kindergartner’s job to teach my prek kiddo to count the calendar each day. This involves putting up the correct number, adding in the link for the patttern we make, and putting up the current day. Then they count together.

Puzzle box, too easy for this kid though, I moved it to my prek boxes.

Since we were doing the letter M and H, he politely suggested we have Hot chocolate in our Mugs with Marshmallows….again, he is a VERY clever kid.



  1. Are you going to share how the I Spy game works? I am assuming you just hunt for the letter in different places, but you usually have some fun spin to things and I was curious! Thanks for you blog, you are helping this weary mamma/teacher of 6 make fun for school for her littlest students. I love that you have done the work for me and all I have to do is hit the link and print. Thank you!!!

  2. Ha, I wish I was that creative! We either hunt for the letters, or things that start with that letter, or we just give clues and say it: like "I spy something that is round and comes out at night" then they say "moon!" It sounds simple but they love it 🙂 There's also an idea to have them pick the letters out of a bag, then have larger letters that match hidden around the room and they have to go find whatever letter they pull out of the bag. (The bag letters are small squares with a letter on them, the hidden ones are larger and cut out)

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