We’re going to start off having him try to make the Letter E using Blokus peices. I like this game, so many uses!

Also, practice writing letter E on Kumon wipe off alphabet cards and Maze Book. I think I got them both at Borders. Really this box is just for fun because his sister did it yesterday, but he LOVES the dry erase maze book and its still good handwriting practice!

Reading time, and a snack will be added to this box., but I add them AFTER they go to bed so its a surprise in the morning. They all run down like its Christmas and check for their snack box!

He will also do an ABAB practice pattern, I started the pattern so he knows how to continue. I was supposed to do this on the white board drawing the shapes and colors according to Abeka, but I’d really rather do manipulatives if I can.

A fun number game, we put all the number flash cards on the floor in order, then he closes his eyes and I take away one and then he opens his eyes and guesses which number is missing! Flashcards are from http://www.abeka.com/ but you an easily make your own!

Painting a wooden dinosaur, everyone gets to do the craft portion of school together, just more fun that way, like I said paints are in the kitchen! Also, because I ran out of boxes today, is his crab lapbook, we’ll do a study on Luke 6:47-49 about building your house on a rock or in the sand since this lapbook has to do with different types of shelled houses for animals.

A math game, printed out elephant number cards from here, then punched holes in the bottom and he’ll string the correct amount of chain links on the card based on the number on it.

I made a fun Letter Ee Hunt game! Object: find and circle all the letter E’s and e’s. You can make your own easily, or download this one here!

Finally a phonics Abeka worksheet.

Here are some pictures from todays work, here he is working his Hot Dot cards, he likes these, I do make him do the correct answer, after which he’s allowed to dot his little heart away. He just likes the sounds and lights it makes. Also pictured is a vowel sounds game, I’m not sure why but he really likes to fill in the dots on the white board. I say a word like ‘bed’ and he colors the dot above the corresponding card if he hears an ‘E’ sound.

Not pictured is his math workbox, but rest assured dear husband, its in his #1 box M-F ;o)

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