I’m giving her a break from the Math U See Worksheets, frankly they are plain and she likes all the colors from Abeka’s book, so typically I’ll make her do both.

A Language Arts Abeka worksheet:

Reading time, and a snack…to be added.

A fun way to practice her spelling words. Box #2 is always her spelling worksheets, I was trying to think of a fun creative way for her to practice them, and this will work! She’ll string the spelling words on to laces using these cool little alphabet beads. I think I got them from http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/ .

Another friend suggested a fun spelling game. They stand in the middle of your stair case, and you say a word, if they spell it right they get to jump down a stair, if wrong, they have to jump up a stair. Goal is to make it to the bottom! Sounds fun to me!

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