I thought I’d share a great idea a fellow homeschool mom in my local group gave me! It’s my helper for when the kids need my help, but need to wait for me for whatever reason (I’m helping a sibling, on the phone, talking to Daddy, etc).

Because I know you’ll ask: The little people clips are from Lakeshore Learning, but I’ve also seen them places like Wal-mart.

So, I taught my kids that when they need help, but can see I’m busy, they can go to this chart on the wall (It’s just a pocket folder cut in half) and take their clip and put it on me. This way they know that their request has been noticed, and I won’t forget to go help them when I’m done! (This is particularly helpful after having 4 kids, as it would appear that I’ve lost most of my braincells and can barely remember my own name!)

Each child get’s their own colored clip with their name on it to use. This way I can see who needed me. There are also ideas for them to keep busy while waiting, though I have to say they rarely do these things, but good to have just in-case.

We actually use this all day, not just while in school. It comes in particularly handy for when I’m on the phone. Instead of constant interruptions, they’ll come put a clip on me, then go do something else until I’m finished.

Hope this idea can help you as it has our family!


  1. I couldn't find these little clips on the Lakeshore Learning website ( I probably not guessing the right name they use for them. LOL) however, I did find them at Quill.com an office supple store online. They are 6.29 for a pkg. of four plus shipping. Amazon has them too but their price starts at 10 something. Hope this helps! :)And a BIG thank you to Confessions of a Homeschooler for sharing ALL your WONDERFUL ideas!!!!Big Hugs, Ashlyn

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