So this is my favorite part of our homeschool day, the group activities! Today we made these fun marshmellow Igloo’s (a leftover “I” idea from last week, but still fun). And it was a nice break for me, they took quite awhile to make them! I gave them each a little Dixie cup with glue in it, and some Q-tips. Then I drew a circle on the paper plate and they used the Q-tip to paint glue on the marshmellows and glue them into an igloo shape. Then THEY suggested we watch “Ice Age 2” LOL!

My tot turned hers into a birthday cake with candles, but still cool cause cake goes with Ice cream!

We also did an art lesson on color mixing. They learned primary colors and how to make secondary colors using the primary colors. After we used the little eye droppers to mix our colors, we got out the “real” paint and did paintings using only Red, Yellow, and Blue paints. The goal was to make a rainbow.

As you can see my son gets the color mixing thing quite well, he actually learned it last year too and being the very studious guy he is, started mixing his colors before I even explained the activity.

And to finish off our day, I found all three of them cuddled up in my tot’s bed, and my 6yr old was reading a Bible Story to them! Nice…payoff time!

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