In a house with 4 young children all trying to learn simultaneously, I’ve found that focusing can be an issue. My son, is the one who usually suffers most. Being a man, he’s not great at multi-tasking, unlike my daughter who can do her worksheet, while bouncing the baby on her knee, and helping our preschooler learn her letters (not that I make her do this ever…I’m just sayin’, she could if she wanted to.)


Anyway, the other day he said he couldn’t focus and that he had an idea. Being the open minded mom I am, I said “Oh yeah? What’s that?” He ran out of the room and came back in with his Dad’s hunting ear protection headphones. (They protect your ears from being damaged from the loud noise of gun-fire.)

Now, I’m not sayin’ anyone is shooting anyone in our homeschool, but I figure if it can keep out that loud sound, surely it can at least muffle the squeals of the Teeny Tot stealing snacks from the workboxes in the background.


Since then, the hunting muffs have become a permanent fixture in our homeschool room, and are used daily for anyone needing to concentrate! If you have this problem, I highly suggest a trip to your local Bass Pro Shop for some hunting muffs! Or whatever the heck they’re called ;o)

And I found Junior Earmuffs for kids at Amazon! They also come in blue!



  1. I so love this. My 9 year old was stuffing toilet paper in his ears the other day. I never thought to use the hunting earmuffs! We have a set for each kid, too. . . I'm breaking those babies out. (I'm with Jenny, I may have to borrow dh's for me!)Thank ya much, lady!

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