We’re making a fun Jesus Loves Me Lapbook for Valentines this week!

Here is the inside of our book, left side, middle and right when opened fully:

I used 2 file folders for this lapbook, it includes:

    • Tic-tac-toe
    • Number cards to make the verse John 3:16 when put in order
    • Bingo
    • Love Is…game
    • Mini-book
    • Hide ‘em in your heart coloring verse


Here is the inside of the lapbook, and the back 2 pages with the Love Is… game on it. For my preschooler, I made a Jesus Puzzle instead of the numbered verse cards since she can’t read yet.

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  1. Hi all! I too am looking for the rectangular portion of the “Love is…” section. I was able to print out the verse and the hearts, but the link that is supposed to take you to the 6 rectangular parts of the verse does not work. Can anyone help me with this? I have been searching forever to find this! 🙂 Thx!

    1. I have been looking forever, too. I am about to give up, though. I found the link to the hearts and the first page where you place the hearts, but I cannot find the other pages to to game. (The one that has Love Trusts, love protects, etc) I really wanted to do this today! Any help?

  2. Also, just had another question…do the links expire after a certain date? I was trying to pull up the hide them in your heart craft for the lapbook and whenever I click on the link, it takes me to their main page and not to the craft. Please help with any suggestions. Thank you 🙂


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