These adorable Doll Bunkbeds are part of the new doll furniture collection that Guidecraft is now offering and it’s just in time for Christmas! (Ironically we are reviewing it so I had to let the girls have it before Christmas…but clearly they had no complaints.)


The furniture arrives unassembled, but if you happen to have a handy 6 year old lounging around, it’ll only take about 10 minutes to put it together! The Doll Furniture comes in 2 finishes, espresso and natural (below).


The girls absolutely LOVED making their doll beds, and putting them down to sleep. They continue to play with it daily and I’ve found everything from dolls, lovey’s barbies and a Teeny Tot sleeping in the bunk beds.


There was actually a small fight over the bunk bed as I have 3 girls and 2 bunk beds. We do have another doll bed, but the Teeny Tot wasn’t having any of that! And, if you know nothing about the Teeny Tot know this…she’s determined. And she tends to persuade people until she gets what she wants.


One final note I’d like to add is in regards to the quality of the Guidecraft Products. I’ve reviewed their products before and I have to say that they are very durable, the wood is wonderfully smooth and products are sturdy. Just to prove this to you, I’d like to point out that the Doll Bunkbeds were thoroughly tested by the Teeny Tot herself.


You can see the full line of Doll Furniture that Guidecraft offers on their website. The Doll Bunkbeds are available for purchase through the Guidecraft website, but here are some of the other items they sell in the doll furniture collection.

chair crib

table buggy

Disclosure: As a Guidecraft Mom I received the Doll Bunkbeds free to review. The opinions I have given are mine (or my kids) but were not influenced by the free product provided.


  1. Hilarious pic of your baby girl in the bed. Just started following your sight. Thinking of home-schooling – gaining info to decide from your site and others. So far enjoying your blog.

    Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max

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