This week we had the privilege of reviewing the Digital Field Trip Series by Digital Frog. The programs are virtual world DVD’s that guide students through various topics in a fun, interactive way.


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What’s the Cost? The DVD’s range from $40 – $125 depending on what you buy. Prices for Digital Frog products are below.

The website says the videos are suitable for anyone ages 3-90 however I disagree some on that point. I had my 7 year old review this product for me and the information included really does suit older students better. While she could read it for herself and understand most of it, the information was still a bit over her head on some of the areas. I think older students would really get more out of this type of program.

What were our thoughts?

The DVD’s are definitely FULL of information and I think it would be a nice supplement to a core curriculum. I did find it a bit hard to sort through all of the information, we kind of got “lost” in the CD, but they do have a handy menu bar to the left that will get you back to where you came from. Here’s a closer shot of the screen, as you can see there are lots of links to click on for each topic and they also have little pop up windows that will give you definitions to help you get through the material.


The DVD’s included a narrated slideshow presentation which the kids really liked. The photos are wonderful and the information is definitely thorough and well researched. You can tell that they spent quite a bit of time putting these DVD programs together.

One thing I couldn’t figure out how to resolve was the size of the screen. As you can see in the image below the screen is very small and it was hard to see and read. It would be nice if they had an option to resize the screen, and they may, but I couldn’t figure it out and I didn’t feel like changing my screen resolution.


All in all we do like the programs and I will use them as we get to each type of ecosystem while in our Geography Studies this year.

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Disclosure: I am member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was provided with a free copy of the Digital Field Trip Series to review on my blog. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


  1. I reviewed this product as well. I agree that the product is definitely meant for older students. In the Teacher's Guide for each program, there is information about how to adapt it a bit for K-3 which might be helpful for you as you use it with your family.I struggled a bit with the screen size, too. To change it, you need to select PREFERENCES from the Tool Bar and then choose FULL SCREEN. I did find the full screen version video quality was less clear but the text was much easier to read (particularly for my older eyes!).Samantha

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