I hesitate to post this, because discipline is a sticky topic, but I think some of you may find it useful, so with that said, please don’t judge me, I’d just like to share for those of you who are interested…so…here goes.

After reading Creative Correction, I decided to take her ideas and make a spreadsheet to help us be more consistent in the training up of our children. I highly recommend this book its very clever and has lots of great ideas! More than I could share here!

It has been extremely helpful! Whenever a ‘sin’ is committed, we all go to the ‘chart’ and see what the consequence is along with a memory verse to ponder. It has really taken the weight off of me, I simply say “uh-oh, let’s go to the consequence chart! No more ‘mad’ mommy, and no more ‘inconsistent’ mommy! I’d suggest to get your husband on board too, so everyone is on the same page.We make sure to pray together at the end of every consequence if it’s not a Laundry Room consequence, what is a laundry room consequence you ask? Well…

Laundry Room Consequence: (This idea came from a good friend of mine!) I made a small sign that has a picture of a child praying, and a smiley face and put it on the wall in our laundry room. Before implementing this consequence, take your kids into the laundry room and show them your sign. Discuss how things go in there dirty, and come out clean. When we sin, our hearts are dirty and need to be cleaned. The solution is to pray to Jesus, confess our sin to Him and ask Him to clean our hearts. We practice this. Then we look at the smiley face and say that they need to smile until they mean it. When they are done with those 2 things they may come out of the Landry room and come show you their clean heart and new smile!

Click on the links below to download:

I hope you have found this helpful, and again, every family is different, this is just what we do to help us be consistent and Godly in our parenting!


  1. Hi Erica,
    I just came across this chart. I was wondering:
    1) Do you use this in conjunction to your Discipline Chart, or separate (or substitute?).
    2) The Mean/Hitting consequence is the same for the Unkind words/Language. Do you have other specific cons. for this ‘Sin?’ I have a problem with this, and would like to get some suggestions.
    THank you for your time, and all these great posts!!

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Yes we use the together. And you can use whatever works best for your family as far as teaching your child. That is why I provided a blank sheet, that way you can put in rules and consequences that fit the needs of your family. As far as an alternative consequence for unkind words you could have your child think of 3 nice things they can say to the person they were mean to.


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