I found this wonderful idea for magnetic sentences on Itty Bity Love today and I wanted to make one for our family too!

Since I’m the lamination queen, I will probably use Xyron 900 Laminate/Magnet Refill Cartridge for the word cards, then regular lamination for page 2 and plain paper for page 3 because it offers a spot to draw the sentence.

Here’s a preview of the file: Pg1, pg2 for writing practice,

Pg3 allows space for illustration, and pg4 are the sentence strips for the magnetic board.

Click here to download My First Sentence!

Its great practice for beginning readers! Basically, they can mix up the words any way they choose as long as they put it on the color strip in the correct color order: purple goes first, then orange, then pink, then finish with a black period card.

There is an illustration practice area if you choose, and also beginning writing practice, so discuss spacing between words, capitals at the beginning of the word, and ending with a period. If your child isn’t ready for the writing part, but is working on beginning reading then just make the silly sentences!


Thanks so much Itty Bitty Love! We love your blog!


  1. I just did this print-out and just wanted to share another way to do it for those of us that do not have a laminator. I used clear Contact paper to laminate page ONE on the front and back. For page TWO and THREE I simply slid them into the clear shiney page protectors. On page THREE they will be able to draw their picture and then simply wipe it off for their next sentence they build. Note: I did not use the Contact paper for pages TWO and THREE because it is not as easy to wipe away the dry erase on. I am going to link to this post on my blog. It is such a GREAT ideas. Thanks again for all the time you spend sharing your ideas!

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