I have removed my files from this sharing site due to inappropriate advertisements and viruses being spread to user computers.


Hi everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about downloading my Printable Materials. I’ve had several questions and some issues from you all saying that you can’t get the files downloaded and that’s no good!

First, I want to mention that you do NOT have to sign up for a paid account with 4share in order to receive my printables! Of course they’ll advertise for that and try to get you to sign up, but don’t be fooled in to that!

Download instructions:

When you click on one of my download links it will bring you to the www.4shared.com  site. Then you click the BIG BLUE button that says “Download Now”.

You have to wait for the little countdown clock to get to zero and where the clock is it will turn into another link that says “Download file now”.

Once the countdown clock is finished, the area that says “Your download link will appear after wait” will turn into a link that says “Download File Now”. Click on that link.

You should get a gray pop-up window that asks if you want to “SAVE” or “Open”. Make sure to select “SAVE” that way the file get’s saved to your computer’s hard drive. Some computers will ask you where you want to save it to , I use windows, so mine automatically saves it in a folder called downloads under my username, so like below:

C:/documents and settings/users/Erica/documents/downloads

Then you can open up your user downloads folder, click on whatever printable you downloaded to open it, then select “File” and “Print”. After that your printer options should open and you should be able to print.


4shared Error:

I’ve had some people say they cannot get to the download page when clicking on one of my printables. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may be experiencing this issue. Clearing out your temporary internet files seems to resolve the issue. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that, click on the link below:

Microsoft Temporary Internet Files Support

Firefox: Another possible solution to this is to use Firefox as your browser. In my experience, they have less issues than Internet Explorer, and I’ve gotten less viruses using this as well.

Click here to download Firefox



If your printer is not  printing correctly, make sure to check when you select the print option. See, in the image below, how in my  print window, the image appears to go off the printable area? or “Portrait” depending on the layout of the page you are printing.

Some printers overwrite the PDF information, so you may need to go into your printer properties or settings and select “Landscape”

If you’ve tried all of these options and you still can’t get them to work, please email me:

erica {at} confessionsofahomeschooler dot com

If I can I’ll email the file, some are too big, so getting 4shared to work is the best option.

Thanks everyone, and I hope this helps you out!



  1. I purchased the letter of the week and us geography cirriculums in May of this year. I’m trying to get them from my store account. The instructions say to “click on download.” This is not working. Please help. This is very disappointing.


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