I just found these super fun Orb Factory Magnetic Color Cubes at my local teacher supply store today and had to get them! While they come with fun design ideas, unfortunately they do NOT come with cards for say, my preschooler, to copy.


Since I didn’t think she could handle looking at an image and re-producing it quite yet, I made some cards for her and of course have them to share with you! If you don’t have the wooden cubes, they will also work with the foam magnetic pieces.

IMG_6436 IMG_6437

I made 8 cards for her to play with, I printed them double sided (so I only used 4 sheets of cardstock) then I laminated them for durability. Here’s a peek at the cards:


Click here to download the Magnetic Color Cube Cards


  1. I bought these a while back as well and my daguhters love them! I wasn't overly impressed with the paint quality and some of the magnets fell off and had to be glued back on, but they are very good for inspiring creativity!Thanks for the patterns! I took the once that came with it and cut them apart and laminated them and put them in the kids boxes. These are bigger and better for my 3 year old!Matalyn


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