Tonight was my son’s very first ever t-ball game, he did excellent, got right in the game, hit the ball on the first try, and even ran to all his bases and scored 3 runs. Now, everyone scores 3 runs in the 5yr old t-ball league, but still he was pretty excited that he didn’t get struck out since his Daddy strikes him out when they’re practicing. He even got a bottle of gatorade afterwards which was probably just as exciting to him as the game, not to mention a sweet t-shirt and new baseball hat. He’s a HUGE fan of hats!

Getting ready to bat:

Listening to coach Wes give him tips:

Hitting the ball:

Running to first base:

Hanging out in the outfield:

It was a fun game to watch, a bit like herding cats I’d say, but definitely cute. Too bad I didn’t have my camera to document the moment! LOL! Oh well, next week!

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