I’m working on making boxes a little more interactive and fun for my 2nd grader this week. Math hasn’t changed much, still the video and worksheet, but I did find a bunch of fun games from TJMaxx today for $5 each! You’ll have to forgive the fuzzy pics, I’m using my husbands iphone to take box pictures until my camera gets here since I can’t handle the picture-less blog! LOL!

We are starting our Abeka K5 Bible stuff this week, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes! We’re starting with the Salvation series cards.

1. MUS Video and workbook

2. Spelling: Lesson worksheet, then I put in a blank sheet of paper, some clear alphabet stamps and a stamp pad, and will have her stamp the words on the paper to practice for fun. Who doesn’t like to stamp right!

3. Sorry for the fuzzy shot, its her American History book, a timeline piece to color and a snack!

4. Abeka Language and Phonics worksheets

5. America Song, learning verse 1

6. Reading Book, If you lived with the hopi. I found it last year at a sale and thought now would be good to insert it since we’re doing native american stuff.

7. One of the $5 math games from TJMAXX, This is an addition facts game.

8. Draw Write Now: Antarctica, I’m not sure she’ll like this one, but we’re learning geography so…

9. Primary Language Lessons, this is MFW’s suggestion, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but figure we’ll give it a try and I’m supplementing with Abeka’s language stuff, so I know she’s getting core, plus this…um…”interesting” spin on language lessons. The first lesson is a ‘picture study’. So she looks at the picture and answers questions based on what she sees.

10. Fun box: Sewing 101, got these beginning sewing packets from JoAnn’s, they are felt, and come with seiquins to decorate, and cotton to stuff it with.

We also have an art project tomorrow, I’ll try to take pics when we’re done. My son prayed for an art project tonight at dinner, so I guess I’ll have to do it now! We’re going to try this project on water color resist painting. Looks like fun, could be crazy…we’ll see!


  1. Hi! I found your blog last week and have enjoyed it! Just a note about the Language Lessons… (I am not a MFW person). I use First Lang Lessons for the Well Trained Mind. I find that these types of resources require my children to think more deeply, instead of just filling out a worksheet. Give it time on those… they'll pick it up! Your homeschool looks like a lot of fun and you're doing a great job. :)Christi(mom of 4–ages 9, 7, 5, 3)

  2. The $5 games are great! I picked up a whole bunch the other day and went back today and they had more out! YEAH! My kids are LOVING them!I can't wait to hear how you all like the Abeka Bible!! We are using the pre-k set right now and LOVE it… we'll be starting on K soon!

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