Here are our Kindergarten boxes for tomorrow:

1. MUS Lesson and video

2. Abeka Bb introduction and handwriting practice

3. Thinking skills: Lego pack, follow instructions and have a snack 🙂 My son was in charge of snacks today and opted to put them in box 3 for everyone instead of box 5 or 6 where they normally are.

4. Letter b blend ladder, also review t and l blends and B word game. He has a stack of b cards and has to guess b words and put them in the basket for each word he guesses. You can download my Blend Ladders here.

5. Caterpillar order number game, downloaded from here.

6. Reading box, he liked this last week, and asked for it again, Katy and the big snow.

7. Art: Draw Write Now: Brown Bat for B!

8. Alphabet dry erase book for writing practice, also has fun activities in it like letter searches, phonics practice etc.

9. One of the $5 TJMaxx games we found, an addition puzzle game with pics.

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