Sorry for the fuzzy pics for the next couple days, I am going to use my husbands iphone to take pics until my camera gets here since I can’t handle my picture-less blog! LOL!

We’re doing letter O this week for prek, so I have some fun downloads for you over the next couple days! Here’s our box line up for tomorrow:

1. We didn’t get to this last week, so we’re going to do The Big Green Pocketbook for our prek book this week, everyone got a pocketbook so we’ll do it together during group time at the beginning of school.

2. Small spaces fine motor: Straws into holes in lid, she likes this one. (oh, these pics are killing me!)

3. Oscar and cOOkie monster bottle cap letter matching, downloaded letters from here, then made my own cards. I made Land Before Time cards, and Sesame Street Cards. Click on them to download.

4. Pre-writing wipe off cards, downloaded from here. Scroll down to “Sea shell writing skills card”. There’s a lot of free downloads on this site!

5. Kumon “Let’s Sticker It” book:

6. #4 coloring sheet:

7. O for Octopus color matching puzzles, you can download them here, I printed, laminated then cut the octopus in half to make color puzzles.

8. Oo lacing cards, I just printed big O’s on construction paper, laminated and punched holes!

I have a bunch more O downloads, will post as we go through them this week. Or if you can’t wait, you can go here:
Octopus Number Clip Cards
Octopus Puzzle
Octopus Size Sorting

For all of the Letter O collection, please click here!

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