I know I haven’t posted much on the Teeny Tot lately, so I thought I’d take a day to post on her whereabouts as of late. Fear not, for those of you missing her, she’s energetic as ever, and even more so if that’s possible!

She’s really been having fun with our new Hot Dots Jr. Getting Ready for School kit. She absolutely loves the Ace Pen because he lights up and makes noises when she clicks the dots.


I have these wooden lacing shapes from Holgate Toys. They’re perfect for the Teeny Tot because they’re very sturdy and easy to push the laces through.


One of her favorite times of the day is reading time. Every day my 2nd grader reads her level reader to the Teeny Tot and my preschooler. They switch sitting on her lap after each page, it’s quite cute to watch.


She absolutely LOVEs our Learning Resources lacing buttons! This activity will usually occupy her for at least 5-10 minutes.


Lakeshore Counting Keys: Here’s another fun activity for the Teeny Tot. She doesn’t make any patterns or anything yet, but loves to get them on the rings and tote them around with her.


Peg Number Boards from Lakeshore: These are super fun, they can stack the pegs, sort them by color, make patterns, or even practice counting the pegs on each card.


She runs all over our large floor numbers:


And this is a new game, designed by the Teeny Tot herself! She found a bag or our rubber bands that we typically use for our Learning Resources Geoboards. She then spent about 10 minutes putting them on her foot.


Melissa & Doug Letter stacking blocks: Mostly she likes to knock these down, but every once in awhile…and yes, she is wearing her coat inside, no it’s not cold, she’s just got a thing for coats…and shoes…


I found some cheap bamboo toast tongs at Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day. I thought they might work better than the kid’s chop-sticks I’ve been using and I was right. She could maneuver them much more easily and had a lot of fun filling her cups. (colored cups found in the kitchen section at Target)


…and then dumping them out again! She did a very nice stacking job with her bowls too.


If you’re wondering what’s in her workboxes lately, here you go:


Happy Tot Schooling!


  1. I love your Tot ideas. My tot is two and a half and loves to do "school" with her brother. I use a lot of your ideas or use with slight variation. I use egg cartons that I've stapled together for her alpha beads, and I wrote the letters inside each carton. On her own she has started trying to match the letters! Also, she loves to put circle stickers (you know, the ones often used for garage sale pricing) on your Do a Dot pages. She'll spend fifteen minutes or more on that. Also, loves the letter collages.Thanks for all the great ideas.

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