As I mentioned yesterday, this week I am participating in the of the IHN 5-day blog hop and my topic is Winter Crafts for Kids!


Today  I’m sharing a fun Winter Craft called “Sparkling Votives”.  These are so easy and fun, and they make a great winter décor item for your home during those cold winter months!

votive candleweb


  • Glass votive candle holder (empty baby food jars also work well!)
  • Decoupoage medium, we used Mod Podge glossy
  • Paint Brush
  • Fake snow flakes from a local craft store
  • Paper plate to catch excess flakes



First place a handful of the fake snow onto your paper plate and set aside. Next generously coat the outside of your glass votive holder with the Mod Podge.


Carefully roll the covered votive holder in the snowflakes on your plate and shake off excess.


Set votive aside and repeat with remaining candle holders if desired. Finally shake excess snowflakes back in the baggie for the next fun craft.


Finally add a votive candle to your holder and enjoy your sparkly wintery candle!

votive candleweb

Have a fun winter craft to share? Make sure to leave a comment or link below!


  1. We will be homeschooling our girl when she is of age (she is only 2)…starting this next fall with preschool stuff, very excited!

    I recently subscribed by email and this was in my inbox today! We have been experiencing sub zero temps in our state of Colorado so indoor activities are a MUST right now, this looks so fun and SO easy…also great gift ideas too!!! Cant wait to make them!!!!

    Thank you for all you do!! God Bless!!!


  2. nice idea on this craft.. loved it… going to Michael’s today.. will get all i need to make this for family and friends.. nothing wrong with putting a lil light in their lives… ty for sharing… 🙂 Happy Holidays

    Terri W.
  3. Thanks for the idea. I have been trying to figure out what I will have my young Sunday school class make for parent gift and I’m going to try this. I have some baby food jars, so will need to get candles to put in them.


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