Hi everyone! I’m back with a new video in my beginner friendly How to Knit series! Today I’ll be showing you how to do the Long Tail Cast On two different ways. We’ll cover how to make a slip knot as well as how to do the cast on without using a slip knot. Both ways are very beginner friendly and work well for almost any project!

Keep in mind there are a variety of ways to cast on for knitting projects, this is just one of them!


Ready to get started?

Watch my How to Knit: The Long Tail Cast On video tutorial here!

Supplies mentioned in the video:

And that’s it, as you can see casting on is super easy and now you’re ready for the next step! Stay tuned for more How to Knit videos coming soon! If you have a knitting skill you’d like a video tutorial on, make sure to leave a comment below!

Thanks for joining me today and happy knitting!



  1. Another name for this cast on is German Twisted (also known as Old Norwegian Cast On too). This is how my Eastern European grandmother taught me, as well as Eastern Continental knitting. Can’t believe I am only now realizing you are posting these tutorials <3 Except for what my grandmother (she passed in 1999) and mother showed me (very basic), I'm self-taught. Started in 2007 while pregnant with my first child. Keep it up! I love seeing more and more families knitting. Crocheting is fun, but very thick, I don't find blankets comfortable when done in crochet, IMHO! 🙂

    Grace Donovan

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