Recommended Reading E – I

Letter E:

Letter F:

Letter G:

Letter H:

Letter I:


  1. I really enjoyed having a look at the list for A to I you supplied. There are some great books in there that I think I better invest in for my little ones… thanks for sharingHelen

  2. I'm guessing part of this post didn't show up for me. All I see are Letter A:Letter B:and so on. Is there supposed to be something else?

  3. Impressive! Great job searching all of this out!

  4. How awesome!! Thank you!

  5. I am with Kim. I don't see a book list at all just the alphabet letters.

  6. Hi, sorry everyone, I was trying to put them all up in one easy place, but I guess the widgets are taking too long to download. It actually shows up on mine, but we have cable modem. Maybe I can separate them out further.

  7. I have cable modem too but I don't see anything. It's not even saying anything about loading. I wonder if it's the web browser. I'm using firefox.

  8. Heidi,I'm not sure why the widgets aren't working, I use Firefox too. I also have them posted at the bottom of each alphbet letter. Maybe try getting to it that way?

  9. Well there goes that theory. πŸ™‚ I did check it using IE and I could see boxes but there was a red x in the corner. I was talking to my husband about it and we were able to view source, see the html code, and then see the link. His knowledge always fascinates me. I wouldn't have had a clue that was possible. I did want to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites. I'm always checking to see all your new posts. You've been very generous to share all of your downloads, ideas and links! Thank you!

  10. Thanks Everyone, I'm sorry these widgets aren't working for you. I'll work on a downloadable list.

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