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We’ve made it! Since we finished our Letter of the Week curriculum To review all of the letters we learned as we went through , I made some alphabet fun games!

If you didn’t already download them, here are the A-Z collage worksheets, they come with collage ideas for each letter. Here’s a sample of the letter M with marshmallows glued to them.

collageweb copy IMG_1913

Clothespin Match Up: Write upper or lowercase letters on small clothes pins and clip them to the corresponding uppercase letters, lowercase letters or picture! (The download includes all 3 games.)

A-Z Letter Match Cards: These cards actually go from A-Z and 1-10. We’re using our plastic magnetic letters to match to each card. We matched upper and lowercase letters to each box.

A-Z Beginning Sounds Game: This download includes letter disks. Your child then matches the correct letter disk to each picture, for example the “A” goes next to the “Ant” picture. If they need a little help, the letter colors match the dots next to their picture as well.
AZLetterMatch1 AZLetterMatchUC

A-Z Spoon Match Up: I found this fun idea on Tot Play! You’ll need 2 sets of different colored spoons, one color for uppercase, and one for lowercase. On one set of spoons write the uppercase letters using a sharpie. On the other set of spoons write the lowercase letter. Cut the printout and attach each row of letters so they are one long line. Then have your child match up the upper and lowercase spoons to each card. Variation: You could also use small objects and put them on each card based on the letter they start with, like a “cotton ball” on the letter “C”.

Alphabet Fun Game: You’ll need 1 die and any object for your playing piece. Roll the die, move your piece that many spots and then say the name of the letter you land on, the sound it makes and something that starts with that letter! Whoever reaches the end first wins! Play again! (You may notice in the below pic that Y and Z are mixed up, as of 5/3 this download has been fixed!)

TheAlphabetGame copy

Learn My Vowels! Now that we know all of our letters, let’s learn which ones are vowels! Using any letter manipulatives you have, sort the vowels onto the sheet provided. We used magnetic letters.
vowelsort IMG_4054

When you’re finished sorting, sing the vowel song: {To the tune of London Bridges} “I know the names of my vowels, of my vowels, of my vowels, I know the names of my vowels: A-E-I-O -U!”
Learn My Name: Using any alphabet manipulatives you have, practice spelling your name! {Note: I wrote my daughter’s name on her sheet, then she matched the letters to it.} Variation: Laminate this and use it as a play-doh mat and make their name with play-doh.

A-Z and 123 Tracing Worksheets: You can either laminate this, or just use it with pencil/marker/crayon to practice letters and numbers. The download contains letters A-Z and numbers 1-9.

Magnetic Alphabet Builders: These aren’t new, but we are using them to review all of our letters! Click here to see more about making them into magnets. Variation: Cut the shapes out of foam!

Alphabet Puzzle: Cut along the lines for an A-Z Puzzle! Variation: If this puzzle is too difficult, print 2 copies, leave one as a game board then cut up the other one so you have a matching game instead. We did it both ways.
A-ZPuzzle copyIMG_4843

A-Z Large Floor Mats: Use these like the Large Floor Numbers from the Letter of the Week curriculum. Spread them out all over the floor then:

  • Call out a letter and have your child hop to it
  • Call out a letter’s sound and have your child hop to it
  • Have them hop to the letters in ABC order
  • Say a letter, have them toss a bean bag onto that letter’s card.

Ff IMG_4845

Alphabet Puzzles: This wooden alphabet puzzle came from Target. They also have a numbers puzzle. I’m not sure why, but it remains a favorite!

Assessment Tests: I use these with bingo markers or do-a-dot markers. The download includes A-Z, a-z, 1-20 assessment sheets. I call out a letter/number and she marks it. This is an excellent way to assess what your preschooler has learned from this year, and what you still need to work on!
azassessment copy azassessmentLC

Review our Alphabet Tree! Of course after all that work we reviewed our alphabet tree, she pointed to each letter & said their name and the sound they make.

Upper/Lowercase Match Up: I’m pleased to report after completing our Letter of the Week curriculum, she got an A+ on her lowercase letters! Here’s Carisa’s Clothespin ABC’s .

Family Fun Night! Congratulations you’ve completed the A-Z Letter of the Week! Have an Alphabet party! Eat alphabet soup and watch Leapfrog Letter Factory!
Here is a list of our favorite books that we use for our A-Z Review!

Stay tuned until next week, for Numbers, Shapes & Colors Review!
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  1. WOW! Awesome stuff Erica. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. thanks for all of this abc review stuff! you rock! check out my short vowel sort on my blog. i have provided the download and would love to see what you think of it!* the downloadable sort is different than the one pictured. i think the one i made is much cuter!

  3. Wow!! You are amazing!! It's all so wonderful! You are an inspiration.xx

  4. I love it! :-)THANK YOU for being so generous in sharing your plans and the learning that you do. What a great resource this blog is – I always love coming and seeing what you have to share here.Best Wishes!

  5. You Rock!Can't wait to try the alphabet board game today!I also put a link to this post over at We Teach – Alphabet Group. ( so much for all that you share!

  6. I agree ….awesome review. Since we are still going SLOW & steady, I will use the magnets for review with Em this time around.Thanks a bunch love.

  7. PS. I printed out the COLOR cards that were in the "extras" in your A-Z curriculum & Emily carries them around all day long.We say the name of the picture & the color continuously…and that's what she needs. {it was worth it} Thank you for taking the time to put that together for us.

  8. This is completely awesome, you're awesome!!! Thanks for all the great resources!

  9. FABULOUS recourse! Thanks!

  10. This is my incentive to go out and get a new ink cartridge. I love all of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  11. Angela O says:

    Thank you for your resources. They are invaluable! I'm curious, will you be starting kindergarten with your now-preschooler? I have a preschooler who knows so much preschool stuff that I'm not sure doing another year of preschool with him would be advantageous. I asked him his opinion and his response: "I'll start with kindergarten and if it's too hard, will do preschool again!" At least he's self-aware! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for the downloads…what great ideas!

  13. ANGELA O: I'm going to re-do the prek stuff with my 4 yr old next year simply because I don't want to kick her up into Kindergarten yet. Even if she could handle the work, once you get to 1st and 2nd grade it really kicks up a notch and I rushed my first daughter, and am now regretting it.My prek has most of the concepts down as well, and I do plan on doing some more difficult things with her next year as well, but not quite kindergarten level. I just don't see any reason to rush her, I look at this year as a solid start!

  14. Catherine says:

    So cute! I downloaded a few of them but I'm having trouble with 4shared. After the download, I double clicked to open the files and then it prompted me to install 4shared. Is that normal? So I installed it and it took over my computer by appearing everywhere. 🙂 And I still couldn't open the docs. I'm sure I did something wrong. Then hubby (Mr. Tech Guy) came home, saw the 4shared invasion and uninstalled it. And I still couldn't open/print your cutie pie printables. *sigh* Did I do something wrong?

  15. This is all so amazing! You are so dedicated and talented to not only put all this together, but post it for all of us!!!Thank you thank you.

  16. CATHERINE: Yes, I think you must've clicked on somethign wrong. When you click on one of my files it will take you to a download page.Click on the large BLUE button that says "Download Now" then it starts a little count down clock that says 'your download link will be available in 8 second". Just wait until that clock is done, then you'll get another link that says "Click here to download this file" and click on that. Then the file should download to your hard drive.It might as you to 'save' or 'open'. Make sure to click 'save' then find a spot on your hard drive to save it to. Once it's done downloading you can open the file and print it.

  17. Catherine says:

    Oh! I am such a spaz. I really am. 🙂 Can I use the preggo brain excuse?I just tried it again and it worked perfectly. Instead of clicking on the very large and obvious blue button, I was clicking on the green button to install 4shared desktop.Ha! How embarrassing. :)~Catherine

  18. Do the alphabet fun game and alphabet puzzle and other activities listed on this page come with the download that I am purchasing?

  19. TERRY: Yes, the review games and also numbers/shapes/colors review that hasn't posted yet is now included in the download as well.

  20. I'm excited to see alphabet review ideas now! I hope to use some of them with Mia and Little Nephi.

  21. It's like the holy grail of AWEsOME ABC printables and activities.I am just blown away…

  22. You are simply incredible. I can't wait to see where you will go now when you finished alphabet 🙂

  23. As always – U Amaze me!! thank U!!;) I cant wait to see whats next too- ha ha ha no pressure though right?? *wink!

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  26. Awesome ideas! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!

  27. Erica, you are amazing as always!

  28. Thank you so much!

  29. A huge thanks to you. I'm sure this was a lot of work to put together. I want you to know how much it has enriched the lives of me and my kids and the other mommies I have shared this with. I praise God that he gave you such a wonderful gift. My Jacob and Benjamin went from board to excited about learning with the fun games and things you have on your blog.

  30. Thank you Erica so much for putting this all together! I've never felt more confident that my child is learning what she needs to be learning then I have felt using your curriculum! Such a great blessing!

  31. I am loving your blog! I put your button on my blog so I can share it with others as well!I am also on the TOS review crew. It is nice to meet you. You should be having someone review your stuff!!!I will be checking back here often. I have a 5 year old, who loves math,and is so good at it, but doesn't even know all of his letters. I am not pushing him because I know all kids are different, and he will get there. Your blog looks great by the way!

  32. Thank you for sharing such great printables!! I am so excited and know that I will be visiting here a lot!!

  33. Love Love Love your A to Z curriculum!! Your entire website is Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  34. will all of these review items be on your letter of the week curriculum download?

  35. MUMSREA: YES, all of the A-Z and 123 review games are in the Letter of the Week curriculum.

  36. Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like I have completely hit the jackpot. What amazing resources you have. THank you SO MUCH for sharing!

  37. Hi! I'm a guest writer today at Our Mommyhood and I wrote an article about a few of my favorite printables on the web. I included your printable alphabet game (and a link of course). Just wanted you to know!

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  40. I just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome mom/teacher!! I have made many similar items for my preschool/special education classroom. I came across your blog last week and love it. I have shared it with many stay at home moms and teachers. Thank you for all of your hardwork! Your children are receiving the best education!

  41. First off, Thank you so much for all the inspiration & hard work you share online.I've never experienced any problems with downloading your printables; however, I'm getting an error message when I try to download the A-Z tracing pages. ???Thanks again!

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  45. I can't thank you enough… This stuff is AWESOME! I am a first year Kindergarten teacher and this has been such a great help! Thank you!

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  48. Victoria says:

    I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. These activities will work great in my kindergarten classroom!!

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