We did some measuring and color mixing today for Art. I found this Liquid Measuring Kit from Lakeshore Learning.


We used it along with my color mixing cards to measure and mix new colors.

colormixingcards1 copy

First we filled each container with it’s designated color using water and food coloring.

IMG_4086 IMG_4087

Next we poured, mixed and measured our way to secondary colors and ultimately, icky brown water.

IMG_4088 IMG_4090

I don’t think anyone cared though, well except me, its hard for me to step out of my box and *gasp* …mix! Oh the horror!


But, alas, it was a great math and art activity all rolled in to one. And let’s face it, anything involving water pouring is a hit over here!


  1. HI! i just stumbled onto your site and it looks so great! Quesiton, where should i start?? my youngest is 5.5 and been in 3 x week prek…knows his letters for most part but needs lots of reinforcement…do you have a suggestion as to where one begins>?? thanks so much!

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