Bloom Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to announce my very first Digital Scrapbooking Kit and my new company!

After A LOT of long and hard work, I am very happy with the results for my first kit: BLOOM. I wanted to share it here with all of you as well! Without further ado, here’s the BLOOM kit:

What’s included?

  • 17 12×12 Papers
  • 2 Torn Edge Papers
  • 1 Felt Stitched Alphabet
  • 1 Date Brush (.abr & .png files included)
  • 1 Bended corner frame (not pictured, Shadow & No Shadow)
  • 1 Flower
  • 3 Glass Page Pebbles
  • 3 Ribbons
  • 1 Paper Clip
  • 2 Staples
  • 1 Twine
  • 1 Border Stitching
  • 13 Tags
  • 3 Journal Spots
  • 1 Bloom WordArt


Get the full Bloom Kit for just$3.00!

You will receive download links immediately following your purchase.

Hope you all like it and I’d love any feedback you have for me as I’m just starting out. But you know, don’t be too harsh lest I break down and cry ;o)


  1. WOW!! Good for you Erica!! I hope you are successful with this 🙂

  2. I've never done digital scrapbooking and I don't really understand how it works. Do you do it on the computer and then print it out for a scrapbook?

  3. Oh my! I LOVE this! I'll be hopping over to purchase it very soon! Awesome job! :)Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE IT! I wish I knew how to redo my blog using a kit like this!

  5. is this usable with PSP? great job on it!!

  6. This looks beautiful. Digi sccrapping is something I really want to start doing (I didn't know a thing about it until I found your blog!). Your design is gorgeous, but I have 2 boys! So no blossoms this time. 🙁 I am sure you will do so well that more are in the future!

  7. Great Kit. I only have one suggestion – find someway to make the download instant. Most digi shops don't make you wait up to "140 seconds" to download something when you have paid for it. Just a suggestions. The kit is beautiful, and I look forward to your next one.

  8. AMY: Yes, I do the scrapbooking in Photoshop, then when done I print out my 12×12 scrapbook page. I usually go to Costco to print, but there are tons of online places that will print 12×12 for you. They're so fun and no mess! LOL!

  9. MICHELLE: No worries, I have a blue kit coming in a few weeks 🙂

  10. Jackie: I know, we are working on hosting our files so you don't have to wait for anything, even my homeschool printables, I was just too excited to wait til my hubby got that worked out before I posted it LOL!

  11. BIBLE HUGGER: I don't use PSP so I'm not sure. The papers are .jpg format and the embellishments are .png, can you open those types of files with PSP? I'd assume you can do the .jpg's, but not sure about the .png's they have transparent backgrounds.

  12. CONGRATS on completing your first kit AND launching your own line. So exciting! I'm sure I'll be buying. 😉 Keep up the creative work.

  13. yup amy if u can use photoshop then paint shop can be used! 🙂 awesome, thanks!

  14. ahg! i didnt get the 3rd part downloaded before i closed out the screen 🙁

  15. Bible Hugger: I couldn't find your email, so I resent the link through your facebook. Let me know if you get it!

  16. Wow, looks really pretty! I am amazed at how you find the time to do all these wonderful things! You are a super-woman! 🙂

  17. Congrats! That is so exciting!

  18. Awesome Erica! Congrats!

  19. You did a great job Erica!

  20. hey erica, i was wondering whats the best way to get the twine to look like its holding one of the tags? – crystal 😀

  21. BIBLE HUGGER: I typically use a levels adjustment layer and clip the twine to it. Then using my brush tool I paint on the adjustment layer with black so it "hides" the area that should go "behind" the tag.If you aren't familiar with adjustment layers you can also erase the twine, but then you can't move the twine at all once its erased. If you choose to erase, cntrl click on the thumbnail of the tag layer to create a selection of the tag. Then click on the twine in the layers palette and using your eraser tool, erase the twine. The selection will only allow you to erase where the tag is which is easier than trying to eyeball your erasing.

  22. Good for you!! These are just great!! I will keep my eye open for homeschool and workbox related scrapping!!!! Congratulations!!!

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