Care package from Japan

We were so excited to receive this awesome care package from one of my readers who lives in Japan! She nicely put together a whole selection full of goodies for my kids!


We’re having a blast going through all of it, and my kids and I want to give a HUGE thank you to Marla for her kindness and generosity! They were so excited to see things from Japan since they studied it a few weeks back for our Expedition Earth Geography studies.


My son was so excited that he’s going to do Japan for our Geography fair in December and we’ll be using some of this cool stuff for our display!

Thanks so much Marla, this was so cool!


  1. That is so cool! I never even thought about that! We could send you guys some things, too, if you think you would like to see some things from South Korea. Let me know, the kids and I would love to go pick some things up.

  2. We have friends that are Japanese (met them when we were kids and they came here for a year while their Dad was on a fellowship). For my younger son's birth they sent us such a wonderful box of goodies. Clothes, traditional plate set for baby's meal, fun toys, and more. It was incredible and even many of the baby clothing items are just so beautiful. Their fabrics are such works of art (well, the Pokemon winter kimono not a work of art, hehehehe, but the rest were).

  3. this is such a good idea.. i live in the philippines and we are enjoying expedition earth… it would be great if somehow, we can receive goodies from countries we are studying… 🙂

  4. Sweet! How wonderful! Maybe some of us can pool together and do the same. What a wonderful idea!

  5. wow, how awesome is that!?!

  6. Wow! Having friends in far away places truly has its benefits. That is so nice.

  7. That's awesome! How sweet and thoughtful of her. I'm sure you all are having a great time looking through it all!

  8. What an amazingly thoughtful and sweet gift!

  9. How awesome and so sweet!

  10. It was our pleasure!!! Can't wait to meet you guys in person someday, now that we know we have such a "close" connection! 😉

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