Today ended with an impromptu bug hut. The poor little guy was already dead by the time they found him, but still made for an interesting visual with the magnifying glass.

Working on copy work about the Pilgrims, also drew a nice picture of Squanto teaching the Pilgrims to plant corn. We skipped the ‘corn planting’ activity as we already grew lots of corn in our garden this year. Unfortunately we picked it too late and it was tough and chewy…bummer!

Some fun practice spelling, I downloaded the Word/Build/Write worksheet & letter tiles from here, and then made my own spelling word cards to help her practice.

Her working her ‘fun’ box from Joann‘s beginning sewing boxes!

Friday is our light/testing day, so her boxes for tomorrow are:
Math Test week 5:

Spelling test:

Abeka Language worksheet:

Abeka Phonics worksheet:

Spelling word stamping, she’ll finish stamping the last of her spelling words.

Outside nature study, has to identify and illustrate 6 items found in nature.

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