I mentioned it yesterday, but I found a ton of fun school stuff at TJMaxx for $4.99! This cute book was one of them, its a magnetic alphabet book. Inside are pages that have the beginning letter for each picture in a box. Your child picks out the correct magnetic letter and matches it to the picture on the page.

Got this fun shape matching cookie game at target, so fun, you match the two pieces together that have the same shape to complete the cookie, we talk about each shape as she does it to make sure she knows what they are.

One of my $5 TJMaxx finds: Stacking alphabet blocks, these are cool, size sorting from small to big, and also stacking, and also alphabet review, I kept asking her letters and she actually knew more than I thought she did, so that was cool!

A TJMaxx $5 find as well, Eric Carle’s book of shpapes, you flip the pages until you match the shape with the corresponding image:

Fun lacing beads and a snack.

Patterning block game, it comes with several cards to work on. Then you stick your hand in the “mystery box” and see if you can ‘feel’ the correct shape to complete your pattern. Got it on 75% off clearance at Lakeshore Learning.


  1. OOh! Just found you via the yahoo group – and I think I could get a little carried away reading your blog!! You have so many great Pre-K ideas 😀 I have a 2.5yos and a 4yos and I'm finding it hard to be imaginative enough to keep them interested – I'll be back!! 😀

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