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When I first got my iPhone the thought of letting one of my kids even touch it was like “NOT HAPPENING!” Then slowly, I allowed them to play games here and there as a way to keep them occupied. It was such a hit, my kids asked if they could use the tickets they earned from doing chores to play on my iPhone!

Now, as a homeschooler, I’m always trying to think of new ways to make learning fun. I’ll admit, I’m an iPhone newbie, and honestly I didn’t realize was that there were literally TONS of educational games out there! This epiphany lead to what’s now affectionately referred to as “There’s an iPhone in my Workbox!”.


I think it would be even more fun with an iPad, but for now everyone’s happy with the iPhone idea. I purposely leave a workbox empty when I’m filling them, and instead put a sticky note with the game I want them to play on it. (I’m not foolish enough to leave my phone unattended in a workbox overnight, plus my fish would die if I didn’t tend to them.) Then the next day when we start school, someone will remind me that they have the “special note” in their box and I’ll add in my iPhone.

Please note that I pick the game they are to play, it’s not a free for all. However, they do get to play what they want after playing my selected game for 10-15 minutes and really the games are pretty fun, so I haven’t had any complaining what-so-ever.

So what games do we like? We have games on logic, reading, spelling, math, space, and then some that are just plain fun! Below are some of our favorites (Most are free, a few are paid):

iphone apps

Math Bingo, Montessori Crosswords, Words With Friends, Move It, Fish School, Rocket Math, Solitaire City, Stack the States, Starfall ABC’s, Preschool Connect the Dots, iJewels, Jewel Bling Free, Sudoku, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, Shape Builder, Hangman Classic, SkyView, SpinArt, Tic-Tac-Toe, Word Wagon, Bob Books, Cookie Doodle, Living Earth, Sky Burger.

Oh, and, if the kind hearted Apple people are reading this post, and wish to send an iPad to help in our homeschooling journey, that would be awesome! ;o)

To see more educational iPhone games, just open up your iTunes and search for “Educational Apps”! There are tons!

Have an educational iPhone app you’d like to share? Comment below!


  1. We are loving Cash Cow right now!

  2. I'm a new iphone user, with 3 little ones, I really appreciate this! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Hi there! My daughter won an iPad recently for winning a writing contest and by far, my favorite iPad app for the kids is the free Brain Pop app. They also love Stack the countries, Rocket Math, and the Story Builder app. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We bought an iPad with our funding this year and it has been such fun. My son (in K) loves his super Why app, my older ones have apps appropriate for their grades (4 & 6). I agree, it is a wonderful tool and such fun for the kids

  5. I can't wait to check some of these out. My 4 yr. old really loves the app iWriteWords.

  6. LOL I won't let my kids near my iPhone. But they did inherit my iTouch when I got the phone. So yes, my young children have an iTouch. It's a great motivator. It's been wonderful for entertaining my rowdy tot when I'm out and need her to behave. Especially since I figured out that I have all these digital copies of kids movies that I can load onto the phone and ipods. You might want to check your movie collection and see if you have any in your movie collection. You enter the code from the dvd insert into iTunes and then the movies are available for all of your apple products. Pretty cool.And check out the tickle tap games for your little one. That is my tot's favorite.

  7. I had absolutely no idea! I've only had my iphone for 3 weeks. I have to check this out. Hubby's had an iPhone for a couple of years, but hasn't ever even downloaded a single app. The kids love to look at the maps on his and take pictures, it would be much better if they could learn a little something!

  8. There are tons of great games! My 2-year old loves Giraffe's Matching Zoo game. It has animal sounds every time you turn each card over (which was free!) She also likes Nick Jr.'s A-Z which is wonderful! It's $1.99 which I think is worth it. She's a big Nick Jr. fan and the graphics are wonderful. My girls can play on my iphone as a treat or supplement if you will 🙂

  9. I just got an iPhone last week so this post came just in time! I've been looking for some great free games for my girls to play. They are mainly obsessed with the Talking Tom like apps, where the character repeats what you say. And the make a donut, make a cake, make a pizza type ones.

  10. Erica, For your tiny tot try Monkey Preschool lunchbox. My barely 3 year old loves it!

  11. Excellent ideas everyone, thanks for sharing!

  12. I won an ipad recently and have been enjoying just checking out all the apps, the girls are loving them. Looking forward to trying some of your suggestions.

  13. Can't wait to look these up – thanks! Some of our educational favorites are: BookwormiPuzzleWordsRushHrFreeiDiggerPlanetsSolar SystemAnimalChatterWord Warp (for me, too hard for my 3 year old)Falldown is fun too (maybe not educational exactly).

  14. I'm going to have to check out some of these! We have an ipod touch that the family uses, even the three year old. Some of the apps we have, (some free, some paid, some more education than others, lol) are:TanZen (lite version)Tiki TowersInteractive alphabetBrain Questa free dice roller, great for all sorts of things!and of course angry birds. Because there's lots of educational value in that, right? 😉

  15. Touchy Books is awesome!! They are interactive books and more books are added all the time. They even have them in other languages. The app itself is free but you purchase the books. They are pretty cheap .50 to 3.00 depending on the book. There are 2 free books. My girls love Touchy Books and get excited when I buy a new one 😉

  16. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm always hesitant to download new apps until I know if other kids really like them. We're always looking for new ones, though!I did want to add that it actually looks like most of the truly educational ones you listed are not free. I think it's definitely easier to find free "fun games" than free "educational games."

  17. We have an ipod. Its pretty much the same thing as the iphone. We paid for an app for scheduling that I like called First Then. It allows me to put schedules on there for my Asperger child. There are so many great apps. Gotta look into some of these ones!

  18. Great post!We like Sudoku and Mastermind

  19. We have an ipad and here are some of the apps we like:

    Alphabet Tracing
    Bible Stories Word Search
    Math Bingo
    Math Drills
    Rush Hour
    My Spelling Test
    Stack the States
    TapQuiz Maps World Edition
    World Book – This Day in History
    Air Hockey Gold
    Glow Coloring
    Toddler Puzzle Shapes
    Balloons: Tap and Learn
    Advanced Puzzle Map of USA
    ABC – Magnetic Alphabet
    Color Dots
    Crayola Color Studio
    Math Ninja

  20. Thanks for your great blog and wonderful printables! I am just starting the journey of homeschooling my girls and bought your LOTW program. They are loving it! I saw that you liked the All About Spelling program and I wondered if you knew, there is an iPad app out with letter tiles that can be customized (so would work with the AAS program). I don’t know if it would work with the iTouch, but when you get your iPad from Apple 😉 it might be something you would be interested in. It is called SoundLiteracy. Thought you might like to know. Thanks again for your inspiration and help along the way with homeschooling!

  21. Have you tried Novel Idea? If not, definitely try it! Not only is it a fun way for kids (of ALL ages) to connect with friends and family, but it’s also a great way to build vocabulary. It’s a game that allows kids to write a story one sentence at a time with any of their friends or family members.

    The way the game is set up allows an even playing field for everyone involved (you register your age and it gives you sets of words appropriate for your reading level/age group), and it is designed to be safe for kids (so that no pervy strangers can contact them). Seriously, check this out. It’s new for the iPhone/iPad/Droid, and it’s a great way to not only connect with family but also to have fun while building a better vocabulary and great writing skills.

  22. I also like to use technology in my homeschool. Speed! is a fun skip-counting card game that helps kids learn multiplication. My husband spent the past year working on this game during his free time. Now it’s available in the app store for the iPad. Hopefully it will be available for the iPhone in a few months. It’s fun for both kids and adults and I hope you give it a try.


  23. I am a mom with a 2 year old and we are launching a space adventure children’s book called “Where is 1? An Earthling’s Book of Numbers” with an APP that 3D animates each page. It will be fun, creative and educational. Our demo app is in the Apple and Google Play app stores right now. I’d love for you to download it, follow the instructions and check it out! You can also learn more on our website, Facebook page or find us on If this mission is successful, we’ll be launching many new educational books and apps for kids ages 2-8.

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