5 Ways to Get Your Children Excited About Chores

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to have a guest post for you today by Crystal Paine from! Crystal Paine is a wife, homeschooling mom of three, and author of the brand-new ebook, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life. Today she’s sharing on ways to get your children excited about doing their chores!   1. Let Them Work Alongside You Most children love to spend time with Mom, no matter what it is you’re doing. So take advantage of this and enthusiastically invite them to help you with whatever chore you’re working on. While you’re working together, talk, sing, laugh, and praise them repeatedly for helping you. Let them see you working hard and enjoying it. Modeling a strong work ethic in front of your children can have a profound impact on their view of work -- which could take them far in life! Remember that young children often won’t be able to do their chores anywhere near the level of perfection. But if you’re patient and continue to work alongside them, … [Read more...]


Kid’s Chore Chart Free Printable

I’d like to introduce a new idea to help organize your home: the Interactive Kid’s Chore Chart! I was previously using a handwritten chore chart, but I kept forgetting to pay my kids for their chores, and they would forget to write down when they completed one. I needed something more visual for everyone, and got this wonderful idea from a woman at my local homeschool mom’s night this month! Click here to download the Chore Chart Cards Supplies needed: Cardstock (for my printable cards, tickets, etc) Pocket Chart similar to the one in the photo. Reward Stickers Small Prize box (you can make this anything you like) NOTE: Pages 24-29 are black and white images if you prefer not to print color. Instructions for Slots: 1. Card with child’s name 2. - 6. Mon – Fri Chore cards to be completed 7. Reward tickets earned, Sticker Sheets, Best“ Bee-havior” awards 8. Extra Cards can be kept in the bottom slots Directions for Use: Put the assigned Monday – Friday task … [Read more...]