I’d like to introduce a new idea to help organize your home: the Interactive Kid’s Chore Chart Cards! I was previously using a handwritten chore chart, but I kept forgetting to pay my kids for their chores, and they would forget to write down when they completed one. I needed something more visual for everyone, and got this wonderful idea from a woman at my local homeschool mom’s night this month!


Click here to download the Chore Chart Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock (for my printable cards, tickets, etc)
  • Pocket Chart similar to the one in the photo.
  • Reward Stickers
  • Small Prize box (you can make this anything you like)
  • NOTE: Pages 24-29 are black and white images if you prefer not to print color.

Instructions for Slots:

1. Card with child’s name

2. – 6. Mon – Fri Chore cards to be completed

7. Reward tickets earned, Sticker Sheets, Best“ Bee-havior” awards

8. Extra Cards can be kept in the bottom slots

Directions for Use:

Put the assigned Monday – Friday task cards in the 2nd – 6th slots. When a task is completed, your child can turn the card backwards and place behind the remaining task cards for the day. (I used one color for each day just to try and keep things straight)

At the end of the day, look to see which tasks are completed and switch them out with reward tickets. At the end of the day or week, allow your child to spend his tickets on items in a small prize box (gum, candy, erasers, pencils, 5 Minutes iphone time etc). Instead of a prize box, you could also choose to let your kids exchange their tickets for money, we pay $0.25/ticket. This way they can save their money for something they want to buy, we also encourage them to tithe and save some of that as well.

If your child completes all the assigned tasks in a day, they receive a sticker on the reward card in the 7th slot. Once that reward card is full, they can exchange it for something more special like larger prize box, I use things like mini-Lego sets, Pet-Shop’s, Polly Pockets, computer time, TV time, Wii Time etc. Really the prizes are up to you.


I also included “Best Bee-havior” cards that you can reward when your child has displayed a good attitude for the entire day, helping others, being kind to siblings, or anything else you deem as outstanding behavior. These are very special for our family and are handed out only for very good behavior. They can be redeemed for something fancier like a trip to ice cream, a sleep over, etc.

If a task is not completed, the child does not earn tickets or stickers. Since my kids are still young, I do not force them to do any chores, it’s fairly optional except for the feeding of our animals.

My Chore Chart download includes all the cards you need for chores, tickets, sticker reward sheets and “Best Bee-havior” cards. I had some friends help me come up with common chores for their households so hopefully there are plenty to choose from. There is also a blank set of cards included so you can write in your child’s names, or specific chores that apply to your home.

I also have a Chore Chart for younger kids that is a little less intimidating and easier to use.


For this one, I just put the chore cards in slot #2 and when your child completes them they move the cards to slot #3. At the end of the day I change the cards out with tickets and put the chore cards for the next day back in slot #2.

Again, if they complete all their tasks for a given day, they get a sticker on the rewards chart in slot #4. They also can earn Best “Bee-havior” tickets as well. This download includes less chore cards, a blank sheet for you to add in your own, Best “Beehavior” cards and colorful tickets.

You can find the small Tabletop Pocket Chart at Lakeshore Learning.


Hope the chore rewards idea works for your family!

Click here to download the Chore Chart for Older Kids

Click here to download the Chore Chart for Young Kids

(TIP: If you are having trouble getting the file to open in your browser window, RIGHT click on the download link, then select “SAVE LINK AS”. You will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive.)

Here’s a great idea from Shining Our Lights for setting up the chart for little ones!

I love how she uses velcro to put the cards on, then replaces them with tickets as chores are completed! Great idea!

I’ve gotten some great emails from you all and would love to see how everyone is using the chart, if you have pictures, make sure to link up so we can see other ways to use it!


  1. This is great! I love chore charts.. We use one very similar and also integrate good behavior into it, except we use real money and they get to shop at our “family store” once a week. They love it and it helps them to work harder at their chores and behavior as well.

  2. Is it possible to share an editable file with the 2×3 cards for each of the color borders? We have chores not included in the original template that are specific to our family and/or child and a few specific chores per day/per child. Having one blank sheet per color border would be wonderful!! Thank you for this wonderful resource!

      1. Would you consider adding coloured blank templates.
        The black ones just don’t make sense to my little ones. If they were coloured the same it would be simplier for them to understand. Thus we can add our own but we don’t need to edit the file?

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have time to do custom chore charts. However I do have blank chore cards on the last page of the download that you can use to write in your own chores 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! I have been looking for cards to use at home and I really appreciate you posting these for me. I have such a limited budget and they are a lifesaver! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

    1. Hi Brittany,
      I don’t actually still use this anymore now that my kids are older, but the blog post tells how we used it. The kid just turned the cards they did around and put them in the back of their pile in that wall hanging 🙂


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