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2010 August Garden Update

  I’m so excited to see all this green! We’ve been enjoying tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, onions, carrots, cauliflower (well only 1, but it was good!), squash, cucumbers and corn.   (In case you’ve been missing the teeny tiny tot, don’t worry, she’s still here and will be making a come back soon…you can see her lurking in the photos) We…

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Our Garden: June Update

I know it’s already July, but I’m just now getting around to sharing these photos from June! I showed some of our seedling plants in my first garden post this year, and here’s where they are now! They’ve been successfully transplanted and seem to be thriving despite the unusually cold start they had followed by the lovely harsh wind that’s…

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Gardening Observations

My husband started our garden seedlings and we’re trying out a new little lighting system for some of them. The kids always help with this task and this year we decided to add some science to it, and do observations of the seeds growing. These pods contain broccoli and cauliflower: Day 1: Day 1, nothing much to report, seeds sewn,…

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Gardening with Kids

With the cold weather hopefully behind us, I always get the urge to make my backyard all pretty and colorful again. While I have some perennials in tree beds, I have lots of flower pots around as well. This year I let the kids pick the flowers they wanted. Each was in charge of planting their own pots and are…

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Our Garden

Here are some photos of our garden, we planted 2 10’x4′ beds this year, and are adding a 3rd bed for next year since our plants were way too crowded! This one has corn, watermelon and cantaloupe.My ‘gems’, the yellow grape tomato, so yummy and taking over the garden might I add! Here’s our other bed, super crowded as you…

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