With the cold weather hopefully behind us, I always get the urge to make my backyard all pretty and colorful again. While I have some perennials in tree beds, I have lots of flower pots around as well.


This year I let the kids pick the flowers they wanted. Each was in charge of planting their own pots and are also responsible for watering them each day. (Yes, my son chose to water his plants with a squirt gun.)


Before you say, “Oh what a nice Mommy letting her kids get so involved!”, I have a confession to make…I love to look at them, but I hate to water these daily, I have so much going on that it’s just another chore for me, not to mention that I constantly forget, which leads to dead plants. So, after shelling out money for these flowers I decided I needed some re-enforcement from people who actually like to play in the hose and get dirty.

Just to give you an idea of what they accomplished in a day for me, here’s some of their handy-work, there are 9 pots along that wall:

IMG_5381 IMG_5382 IMG_5383

Not a planter, but some of our other flowers, my 7yr old daughter is in charge of these beauties!


Yay, a big welcome to Spring time!


  1. My children love gardening…well, rally just digging in the dirt! lol! Your backyard is beautiful! I lve tulips, but it is way too hot where we live for them.btw, I used your tutorial to make some felt donuts for my kids! They turned out great! I will be blogging about it next week and referencing your blog! 🙂

  2. Your flowers look beautiful. I love this post and the beauty in gardening with our children. My little ones are so excited about helping me in my gardens. In fact, my peas are about 2 inches high and they can hardly contain their excitement.Blessings,Rachel

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