My husband started our garden seedlings and we’re trying out a new little lighting system for some of them. The kids always help with this task and this year we decided to add some science to it, and do observations of the seeds growing. These pods contain broccoli and cauliflower:

Day 1: Day 1, nothing much to report, seeds sewn, waiting patiently…they are sitting in sand with rope lighting in it for warmth. Normally we use our Science Grid , but this time the kids made their own:
IMG_3736 IMG_3735

Day 3:
Oh, we have a little sprout! Whoo-hoo! (Notice the cowboy hat, it was dress-up day and yes, that is Alan Jackson, Gretchen Wilson, and Blake Sheldon’s autographs you see, she also has Reba McEntire and many more on the other side)
IMG_3779 IMG_3777

Day 9:
Success! We only had one pod that didn’t sprout up, so we re-started it, but everything else is doing well.
IMG_4291 IMG_4298

We moved it from our basement on day 3’s pic, to my laundry room in day 9’s photo. Apparently our cat “Six” (see Day 9 illustration above) grew a little too fond of the nice warm sand box that we created.

Gardening Tip:
For you gardeners out there who are interested, we bought this little tray with pods at Wal-mart (they make larger ones as well). My husband sat it in a rubbermaid tub filled with sand and put rope lighting in it for warmth. Then we placed larger lights above it for adequate lighting.

The setup seems to work well, we simply pour water around the pods into the little crevices in the tray so they can ‘self-water’. So far so good.

I’ll keep you posted once we transplant these little guys into the “Big” garden out back! These are just our early starting veggies, we have a lot more planned!


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