Hi friends! I’ve wanted to make my own ironing board forever now, and today is finally the day! This project is super easy and I honestly don’t know why I waited for so long. I think the entire project took about 20 minutes and that included filming the tutorial.

The great thing about making your own ironing board is that you can literally make it any size you want! You can make it larger like I’m doing today, or you can make small travel boards to take with you on retreats or to sewing classes!

Let’s get started on this fun project shall we?

Watch my DIY Ironing Board Tutorial here!

For this tutorial you will need a few basic supplies:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Make sure to tag me on social media if you make one so I can see what you create!

Happy Sewing!


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  1. Thanks for encouraging! I’ve been ready to make one of these but haven’t gotten to it yet. I did buy a layer of insulbrite to use with the badding as well just to protect the wood against the heat.

  2. I LOVE this – if for no other reason than you (a beautiful YOUNG woman) actually knows about ironing boards. I’ve had two home burglaries and for reasons that totally baffle me – both burglars TOOK MY IRONING BOARDS!! Because I had to replace so many necessary items with urgency, I just thought I could borrow an ironing board from a neighbor until my insurance settlement arrived. After visiting more than 15 homes – not one person had ever heard the term “ironing board” let alone understand why one would ever use it!!

  3. I have made something similar, but my husband attached it to my shelf permanently. I like the idea of my bing it to my cutting table for larger projects. Does it slide at all when you are ironing? If so, do you have anything or ideas for the bottom to help it not slide?


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