I’m so excited to see all this green! We’ve been enjoying tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, onions, carrots, cauliflower (well only 1, but it was good!), squash, cucumbers and corn.

 IMG_6231 IMG_6240

(In case you’ve been missing the teeny tiny tot, don’t worry, she’s still here and will be making a come back soon…you can see her lurking in the photos)

We found a little baby bunny who dug a nice little hole next to our carrots. He probably thought he’d died and gone to heaven with a protected little bed and nice fluffy green carrot tops to munch on. Unfortunately, we had to usher him out. I felt a little sad.


For some reason our corn didn’t do as well this year, the stocks didn’t get very tall and the corn itself was miniature, but it was super yummy! If anyone has corn expertise, I’d love some advice.


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  1. You do need several rows because they are wind pollinated. If you got small corn, I'm guessing they must've gotten pollinated though. 🙂 Do you rotate your crops each year? Corn is a very heavy feeder & will zap a lot of nutrients from the ground. They especially need lots & lots of Nitrogen!! You could always try the Indian way of fertilizing with dead fish (remember MFW Adventures?)!!Love your blog, by the way! I'm going to try one of you recipes tonight!!

  2. I'm not an expert gardener, but the more space we could devote to the corn, the better it did. 🙂 Our tomatoes and squash went crazy this year…but everything else has looked a bit sad.

    Holly A.

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