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Educational iPad Apps: PreK – First Grade

Hi everyone! Today I have some more fun educational iPad Apps for you. I wanted to focus more on apps for Preschool – First Grade. So today I’m sharing some of the top picks from the Teeny Tot and Tinker Bell. We’re currently playing with a new math app that is for Kindergarten – First Grade called SlateMath. This program…

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Educational iPad Apps: Reading

It’s been awhile since I’ve put up an educational iPad apps post, so today I wanted to share some more of our favorites! Specifically in department of reading. I’ve found that my kids love to read on the iPad, and I’ve even found some fun interactive books for the Teeny Tot and Tinker Bell. So here are our top iPad…

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iPad Apps for Preschoolers

Every now and then I put up a post of all of our favorite educational iPad Apps, and today I wanted to share some of our latest iPad apps for preschoolers! I use the iPad as a supplement to our daily learning, and also as a fun tool to make learning a little more exciting! LetterSchool by Boreaal – This…

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Educational iPad Apps for Young Learners

I’ve had some great responses to my iPad Apps for kids, so I wanted to put up a post with some of our newest favorites! The ABC’s of God by readtheWord. This is such a fun game, and one of my favorites! Even the older kids like this one, it covers all 26 letters of the alphabet through 290+ activities!…

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iPhone Apps for Moms

I’ve shared some of our favorite educational iPhone and iPad apps here: Educational iPad Apps, and here: Educational iPad Apps 2. So today, I wanted to share some of the apps that I love as a mom! They’re not necessarily educational, but things that help me stay on focus, keep track of things, and remember what the heck I’m supposed…

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iPad Eductional Apps for Preschoolers

So we’re totally loving our iPad 2 over here. We use it daily in our homeschool for one reason or another. Quite often it is to keep the Teeny Tot (3 years old) occupied, but we’ve also used it for the older kiddos as well.  I shared some of our favorite apps back in my first post on Educational iPad…

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iPad Educational Apps

It’s here! It’s finally here! Today we received an iPad2 and everyone is excited! So just to show how necessary this purchase was, I wanted to share some great educational iPad Apps with you today! Although I think it’s a fun thing to have around in general, the truth is I am really excited to use it as a tool…

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