Hello! I’m happy to report that it is NOT laundry day today! (Though frankly it should be, but I’m choosing to deny the full basket from yesterday because I’m still bitter)

So for those of you waiting on the edge of your seat to see what ‘awaited’ me from yesterday:

Not too bad, a bunch of kids moving the train from the table to the floor, nice and creative, then “hiding’ from Mommy pretending to be asleep. This is one of my favorite games, they can giggle and hide for an hour waiting for me to come find them! Not that I ever neglect my kids or anything, but just that is fun for me. Yeah, that’s it…I mentioned the camping phenomenon to my husband and he said “Yeah, isn’t it great!” We both laughed….a lot….

Today is Wednesday, normally we would have our homeschool co-op, but we don’t today b/c the homeschool group we belong to had a geography fair yesterday. Our small co-op (for those of you who are interested, those who aren’t can skip to the next paragraph) is a day when we get together with 2 other families, 9 kids total and swap teaching science lessons. This is usually the most fun day of the week for the kids, though they usually wine when we get home and I still make them do “real school”.

Instead today we did school, and then ran to Wal-mart…ah, I love to hate this place. Honestly I lothe Wal-mart because it feels so cheap there, but I’m too cheap to not go? See the irony? My husband once commanded that we boycott the place and we made it about a day and a half if I remember correctly, until he needed shotgun shells and everyone else was closed. Uh-huh, honey, what about the boycott?

Today was an absolutely beautiful experience though, its been awhile since we’ve gone and the kids were in top shape. No one falling out of the cart screaming, no fights, no baby opening food to taste test everything. Just a nice, casual trip to Wal-mart to look at fun stuff. (And some badly needed staples as well, I’ll spare you the details)

Retraction: Okay, so my loving husband informs me today that I’ve lied on my first post…yes, even he whose known me for 10 years couldn’t tell that I was being sarcastic when I said that I rose early in the morning! He must’ve missed the sentance saying “actually I get dragged out” this usually happens when he’s done watching the kids, or is leaving for work. So for the sake of keepin’ it real: I hate mornings, I’m a night person, please don’t call before 9am.

On to more fun stuff, yesterday my 2yr old baby (Yes, I still call her baby, because she is the baby of the house, and I’m afraid she’s the last of the spawn, so this makes me feel better somehow, wanna make somethin’ of it?) shouts from the bathroom “I did it Mommy! I did it!” Now what mom wouldn’t love to hear that? So I say “What did you do bunny?” and she shouts “POOP!” Sweet! I rush in to join her in the excitement, and there standing NEXT to the toilet is my precious little baby looking straight down at her poop. Yep, she did it alright, right onto the floor. Now for those of you who don’t know me, I like to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures, but for the sake of you all, and myself, I’ll refrain. Besides, I have to go mop my floor, spilled milk, my favorite…good thing for the person who coined “its not worth crying over spilled milk” or I’d be losing it right about now. Milk and poop all in one day? Good times my friend, good times…

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Oh, the joys of motherhood! I hate to say it, but you made me laugh and thank God I am not the only one to whom this sort of thing happens. I just wish it didn't seem to happen on a daily basis! lol Blessings!Laryssa in Missouri


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