Ah, laundry day…

This is quite possibly my favorite day(more accurately its days but I’ll explain later) of the week. (For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to be sarcastic at times.) The best part about laundry day is the folding and putting away of the clothes. Well, I take that back the best best part is when my husband asks me “Um, have you done the laundry?” and I always have to respond “Yes, its in the laundry room I just need to put it away”.

Now, I don’t mind throwing clothes in the washer, and swapping them to the dryer, but pulling out tons and tons of little clothes and folding them (twice b/c I ususally have ‘help’ from little people), then carrying them upstairs and systematically trying to put them away is a pain when you’re doing laundry for 5.

The great thing about today is that my kids decided to play “camping” so they filled their little suitcases full to the brim with clothes from their closets, additional trinkets, toothpaste and the like that they may need on their trip. So as I’m putting away the laundry, I notice that I also need to put away EVERYthing that was previously already in their closets.

Now, I could ask them for help here, and my 5 year old can do that, but the others can’t reach their hangers, and frankly a piled up ball of clothes shoved in a cubby hole isn’t really my idea of ‘help’, though I have made them sit and watch me put them away in an attempt to give them some sort of feeling for what Mom has to do daily.

(Did I mention we have a cat, who never turns down camping day infront of the fireplace)

Now, I know I’ve said it before, but really, this is the best part, as I pridefully bring my emptied laundry basket to the closet where it goes, I have a feeling of completion, 2 days worth of washing, drying, folding, sorting has come to a blissful end. As I gracefully enter my closet to return the basket to its spot I notice a nice pile of dirty clothes in its place. Clothes that have already piled magically while I was doing the other loads. How does this happen? I had to research…yep, here it is “Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.” So my conclusion for the day: Laundry is God’s way of humbling me.

Man, I hope there’s some cookie dough in the freezer…

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