Awhile back I shared a Make the Date Calendar printable post from another blog. That blog has since gone away, so a kind reader made a new one for me to share with you! It’s just a fun workbox addition that can be used to help with counting money, tally marks, learning the weekdays and place value!

NumberCalendar copy

Click here to download!

In the Tally Box: Have your child make the appropriate number of tally marks for the date, so if it is the 15th they would make 3 sets of 5 slashes.

Make The Date Calendar: Have your student write the days on the calendar template. So if today is the 23rd and the 1st of the month started on Monday, write a “1” in the box under Monday then continue writing the numbers until they get to 23.

What Coins make Today? Have your student put the correct coins to equal today’s date, so if today is the 10th, they could use 1 dime, 10 pennies, or 2 nickels.

Ten’s & One’s: Have your child write the correct number of 10’s and 1’s in today’s date, so for example if it is the 14th, they would write a “1” in the Ten’s column and a “4” in the One’s.

Today’s Number Sentence: Have your child take today’s date and seperate it out into a math equation. You can do this a couple of ways. If it is the 31st, they can write 3+1=4, 30+1=31, or if they’re older they can come up with something more complicated like 15+16=31. I alter this depending on the age of the student. You could even take the month into account and make Feb 5th as 2+5=7.

Thanks so much to Jen for sending the file to share with everyone!

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  1. This looks great! But, can you tell me how to teach each section? What do they tally in the "Tally Box" and how do they do the Number Sentence?Do they put the number of ticks in the tally box that go along with the day? For example, if it is the 15th, they make 3 sets of 5? And for the number sentence, do they add the number month and the date together? For example, February and the 23rd = 2+23=25?

  2. This is wonderful. Your site is amazing! I am excited to say that I will be homeschooling all my children in the fall and looking for resources, tips, and constant advice and support! I have added your button to my links page =)

  3. Thank you! I cannot wait to use this next week for the math camp (Basic Training) that I am offering to my students with dyslexia. This covers so many skills that they need fine-tuning in.

    Nancy Nix

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