I got these cards at http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/ They get harder as the cards increase in number. The goal is to replicate the shape on the card with the 1″ color blocks, as they get harder, there are ‘hidden’ blocks in the pictures that your child has to figure out are there to make the form work. Like these…we’ll see if my kindergartner does!

Not sure why, but this kid LOVES the dry-erase board. I can have him do almost anything as long as it involves dry-erase markers. Good to know, good to know…Here he is drawing lines to match the number on the top to the box below with the corresponding number of objects drawn in them.

And some of his Geo letters, he liked this idea, after making the letters I suggested, he had to come up with 2 on his own.

Finally his Math Domino Game, you can download it here, he liked this one as well.

We also did our core stuff, and finally got around to painting those wooden crafts from yesterday:


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