Not totally sold on Kinderbach, it really is ‘silly’ in my opinion, but as they progress, my kids seem to like it a little more and more, so I haven’t made a final decision. Today’s lesson was on rhythm, everyone tapped spoons along with the video, then we went into my office and had worship time and continued the rhythm lesson.

I haven’t taken any pics of our worship time yet, but we will do it regularly, its just kindof tough to take a picture of everyone while I’m playing guitar LOL! As you can see from these, my tot seems to have taken to the vocals, while my son goes back and forth between piano, guitar, and my 2nd grader appears to be excellent at keeping beat, so maybe drums for her future? hmm…

Also, some pics of our fun vowel game today, I put the apples on the board and he had to pick them off and put them in his basket when he heard one in a word. This went well.


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