Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing our 2016-2017 7th Grade homeschool curriculum with you. We’re making some changes around here this year, and I’ll tell you all about it in the video!



This year we’re focusing on a little more independent work for my son. As they get into 6th, 7th, and 8th grades I think it’s important for them to learn more independent study skills and scheduling his workload into manageable sections. We started introducing study skills last year and will continue on with that again this year.

So to see what my 7th grader will be doing this year watch our 2016-2017 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum video here!

7th Grade Curriculum:

Options: We participate in a once a week options program through our local school district. They offer a variety of classes that help supplement our homeschooling. It also provides the kids with a fun day where they get to see their friends and participate in a classroom environment. Here is a list of his classes this year:

  • PE
  • Robotics
  • Game Theory
  • Choir


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Links mentioned in the video:


And that’s it for our 7th grade curriculum line up this year! I’ll try to do a mid-year update to let you all know how it’s going. We’re trying some new curriculum this year, so that’s always exciting!


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I hope this helps some of you out, I know getting started can be overwhelming! I wrote a book called Homeschooling 101 that will help answer all of your questions on how to get started homeschooling, choosing curriculum, creating lesson plans, etc. For more information on homeschooling check out my Homeschooling 101: A guide to getting started!



  1. I wanted to ask your opinion on the IEW program… I’ve got a sixth grader that I wanted to start on IEW. Are you using the Student Writing Intensive along with the Teaching Writing package? In order to trim some costs, I was debating just using the student package and watching the student DVDs also, to keep current with what is being covered. I know this is possible according to IEW, but do you have any experience with/without using the Teaching Writing package? Thanks for any insight you can offer!
    PS- Thanks also for documenting your family’s HS journey. It has been so helpful to be able to see what others are doing to get inspiration/ideas for HS my two boys. We have enjoyed using your US & World Geography curriculum in our home. 🙂

    Kristina in GA
  2. Hi there! I may be really late to the game, but are your free printables still free and printable? Whenever I try (from multiple browsers) I get a message that your server cannot be reached and I am unable to print anything.

    Allie Dillinger
  3. We used Fix It Grammar and IEW’s writing program for the first time last year. I loved it and couldn’t believe how much improvement I saw from my high school student down to my 3rd grader. I found their grammar program so effortless, easy, and effective.

    We are also die hard MUS fans, but I found that once they got to Algebra 1 I just couldn’t keep up with it. I didn’t have time to watch the videos anymore and wasn’t much help to my student. We had our oldest switch to Teaching Textbooks for Geometry and have been very happy with it. For our next child we switched to TT for Algebra 1. Both students transitioned easily and like the program. I’ll keep doing MUS with my younger kids through Pre-Algebra just because I enjoy it so much.

  4. Thank you for this! I have been reading your blog for years! It has been extremely helpful for our homeschooling! You are an inspiration! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new video blogs! It really helps! Thanks again! May God Bless you and your family!

  5. I love seeing what’s ahead of me since we have a 4th grader and Kindergartner! This year is the first year we will be participating in an “options” program through our charter school. I gotta say, I’m a little nervous and keeping my fingers crossed that they end up enjoying it. We have recently moved this year and there have been a lot of adjustments for the kids. Also, we love Bookshark! I love how it’s all laid out for us and my kids really like the literature based subjects. Keep up the great youtube videos! They are really helpful and informative. I’ve been following your blog since I started our homeschooling journey 4 years ago now. 🙂

  6. I love your list it offers some great ideas! I was wondering if you buy the answer keys, quizzes, activity books and teacher editions for the Abeka books? they have a lot of books that go with the history and science, lol!

    Shantel Jones
    1. Yes, if you want to do the quizzes and tests you’re going to want the answer keys as well. At first I skipped them thinking I’d just grade them myself, but it takes forever to look up the answers and so I ended up getting the TE’s for them just to save me time! You don’t have to do all of the extra activities, however the maps etc are on tests, so we got those as well.

      1. We did IEW writing intensive B last year. I will have a 7th and 8th grader next year. We plan to continue we the subject writing mext year. I want to add FIXIT. Do you think that is enough or do you think adding spellin you see is important? My younger is a bit weak in spelling. I really enjoy your reviews!

        Debbie Didovic
        1. If your 7th grader is weak in spelling then I would suggest adding that in as well. We like the Spelling You See curriculum. It’s fast and easy and seemed to work well for my child who was struggling. They would memorize the word lists for tests, then forget everything and move on to the next list. The repetitive nature of SYS really helped us! If your 8th grader is doing well with spelling I would probably skip it.

  7. What are your plans for high school? I have been following you for years and I have a 7th and 5th grader this year. We must think somewhat alike because we have always used a lot of the same curriculum and I was wondering if you worry about accreditation for high school? Next year at our co-op my 8th grader will be taking some high school credit courses so this is a question I will have to deal with sooner than later. Our co-op is not accredited and I wonder if this will be a problem?

    Jennifer-anne creekmore

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